Worry-Free Warranty

Fastidious people take the worry out of the process.

You want a transformation … a space that embodies your dream … a world the way you envision it. You don’t want what you don’t need: any kind of worry or even the smallest of complication that distracts you from what’s important.

Tuxedo Hospitality Décor protects everything we do, every aspect of the project, with our Worry-Free Warranty and the most thorough, attentive service. The more fussy and fastidious we are, the more we can eliminate worries. Our methodical and detailed procedure ensures that everything is the way you want it to be — or we’ll make it right with dispatch and efficiency.

No Worries

No worries, no questions asked; everything done right, every detail addressed.

How do we make all of our projects worry-free?

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Each of our suppliers are process driven and follow detailed quality control and management systems designed to consistently deliver high-quality results.

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Meticulous quality control and quality-oriented manufacturing ensures that our work will bring lasting value to each of our client's projects.

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In the rare event that we need to address a warranty concern, be assured we are here to address all of your issues and remedy everything to your satisfaction.

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The time period for your Worry-Free Warranty claim is a generous one (1) year from project completion.


Contact Us

Should you have any questions about our warranty, please call us at 330.899.7747 or contact us here.

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