What makes Tuxedo more spiffy? White Gloves.

That’s why we call our methodology the Tuxedo White Glove Process.

Others may follow a process; we’re actively led by ours in everything we do.

Call us fussy. Call us fastidious. But call or text us at 330.899.7747 — or you may email us — for the most meticulous and worry-free process you can find in the hospitality décor industry. And this isn’t only for the beginning of the process. We want you to feel comfortable contacting us at any point throughout the project.

Using our Tuxedo White Glove Process, we study … we analyze … and then we create complete and thorough solutions to ensure the work you entrust to us will be meticulously crafted, examined for perfection through our fastidious controls, delivered and installed on time.

Happily in your service.

Others may follow a process; we’re actively led by ours in everything we do.
While others put on the gloves because their process seems like a boxing match, with struggles and fights all the way through, Tuxedo Hospitality Décor puts on the white gloves that represent a careful and supportive service that’s always on your side. Our thorough and detail-based Tuxedo White Glove Process is utilized for any of the products we supply.

You may very well be our ideal prospect.

Do you put a high value on the certainty that you can count on your hospitality décor partner? Are you seeking a firm that consistently coordinates the complete order fulfillment process? If so, then we are your ideal vendor and you are our ideal prospect.

Tuxedo Hospitality Décor takes care of everything in the fulfillment process:
budgeting | quoting | design conformity | value engineering | field measuring | installation | punch list corrections | invoicing | lien waiver sign-offs

Our Worry-Free Warranty ensures we serve your needs in a timely and accurate manner, regardless of company size — all at a competitive price.


Try Tuxedo On for Size.

If you are an ideal partner for Tuxedo Hospitality Décor, we’d love to speak with you at 330-515-0033, or meet with you after you contact us. Remember: The best-dressed rooms come from Tuxedo — your hospitality décor experts.

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